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During this quest you are adventuring with your fellow Heroes and bringing back the stories to share. These glories and even failures must be shared around the hearth. The trick to this storytelling is, though, that it can only be done, one sentence at a time! This is a fun and challenging way to tell a story. Who knows where the story will go and where it will end?

Single Sentence Story:

Your group should start a story of your great deeds in the appropriate guild forum. There is one rule to this story telling, each member of the group can only write a single sentence at a time. Once a single member has posted a sentence, the next member will post a sentence bellow the previous post. This should continue on until your group has a completed story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Note: Each group member should have at least 10 posts. Be sure to use the reply button to respond to members of your group only.
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There were once two young Night Elves named Celestyria and Brendolan, traveling through Teldrassil.
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Once upon a time rajahu, domantor, and ataroo slowly walking trough pandaria
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