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OK, Hero. Before you can jump into the vast world of Azeroth, you need to do some research about your chosen player race. This will help you make a solid decision when choosing your race and help you learn more about it so you'll be a great player!

So, to help make this easier for you, we've put together some questions for you to research about the race you've chosen. You'll post your responses to these in the guild forums as a reply to the Tavern Talk started by your Lorekeeper.

Start your research at the WoW Wiki or WoWPedia.

Race Questions:

1. What race did you choose?

2. What classes can this race choose?

3. Where does your chosen race start the game?

4. Does your race have a capitol city? What's the name of it?

5. What special abilities does your race have?

6. List three important facts about the story (lore) behind your chosen race.

7. What kind of mount does your race get at level 20?

8. List one other thing you believe is important about your chosen race.
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#10267493 Nov 10, 2014 at 01:22 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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1 worgen
2 druid hunter mage priest rogue warlock warrior death knight
3 mechent square
4 yes im almost certen its called millatary distrect
5 to turn into wherewolfs
6 people belive they are from the twisting nether,worgen never show mercy,worgen are fairly intelagent
7 unarmored horses
8 they can use an abilty "running wild" they will make them run very fast
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#10281975 Nov 13, 2014 at 01:06 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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1.night elf
2. Monk, Drid, Mage, rogue, Death night, Hunter, Preist, Warrior.
3. Teldrassil
4.yes, Darnassus
5. Shadowmeld, Whisp spirit, Nature residance, Quickness, Touch of Elune.
6. They help keep the balance of nature
7. A nightsaber
8.that thing that helps you get your body faster if you die
#10282038 Nov 13, 2014 at 01:22 PM
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2.priest,Rouge,Warrior,Mage,Druid,Hunter,Warlock,Death night
3. mechent square
4.millatary distrect turn in to a wearwolf
6.worgens are very in intelligent, worgens dont show mercy,They are in twisting neither
7.i think unaremed horse
8.they ca use ablity run fast
#10286164 Nov 14, 2014 at 01:09 PM
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1. pandaren.
2. hunter,worrier,rogue,preist,mage,shamen,monk
3. wandering isle.
4. pandaria.
5. epicurean,gourmand,inner peace,bouncy,quaking palm,
6. there born and raised on the mysterious wandering isle.
7. dragon turtle.
8. the ability to bounce after falling 15 feet or more its pretty cool.
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1. Pandairn
2. Priest,Rogue,Warrior,Mage,Hunter,Shaman,Monk
3. The Wandering Isle
4. Yes It's The Temple of Five Dawns
5. FACTION-NEUTRAL, Epicurean, Gourmand, Inner Peace, Bouncy, Quaking Palm.
6. Pandarens are one of the most elusive races of Azeroth, Pandaren come from the Pandaren Empire of Pandaria, They are humanoid pandas with a great love of nature and strong Ales.
7. Green Dragon Turtle
8. Pandairan's can take 50% less damage when falling
#10286201 Nov 14, 2014 at 01:20 PM
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1.night elf
2.monk,druid,mage,rouge,death night,hunter,preist,warrior
5.shadowmeld,wisp spirit,nature resistance,quickness,touch of elune
6.they where givin iternity,some night elf druids help to keep the balance of nature fom within the emreld dream,teldrassil was tainted by a darkness
7.a nightsaber
8.wisp spirit because if you die you can get to your body quicker
#10286208 Nov 14, 2014 at 01:22 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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3.the wondering isle
4.the temple of five dawns
5.they can turn invisible,they are thieves
6.they are born and are raised on the wondering isle until level 10 or 12
7.A dragon turtle
8.I get to be a rogue for a pandaren
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1. Pandairn
2. Priest,Rogue,Warrior,Mage,Hunter,Shaman,Monk
3.The Wandering Isle
4. the The Temple of Five Dawns
5.pandarin have
6. at there island they have lots of good food there. and pandairn are loving creacher and good company pandairns are good at hand to hand combat.
7. it is a dragon Turtle
8. pandairn take less falling damage when jumping from high places
#10301933 Nov 18, 2014 at 01:05 PM
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1.night elf
2.monk,drud,mage,rouge,death nigh,hunter,priest,warrior.
5.shadow meld,wisp spirit,nature resistance,quikness,touch of elune
6.they were givin internity.teldrassil was tintid in darkness.night elf druids kept nature from within the emerld dream.
7.night saber
8.they have wisp spirit.thats what im really exited for.cause you can find your body faster if you die.
#10303179 Nov 18, 2014 at 08:37 PM
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1. Night Elf
2. Monk, druid, mage, rouge, hunter, priest, warrior, death knight
3. Shadowglen, Teldrasill
4. Yes, it's called Darnassus
5. Shodowmeld, wisp spirit, nature resistance, quickness, touch of elune
6. They were given internity, Teldrasill was tinted in darkness, night elf druids kept nature from within the emerald dream
7. Nightsaber
8. Their wisp spirit makes it quicker for them to finf their bodys quicker if they die
#10311688 Nov 20, 2014 at 09:52 PM
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3.mechent square

4.millatary distrect

5.turning in to a werewolf

6.,worgens never give mercy,They are in twisting neither,and very in intelligentnd

7. unarmored horses

8.they can use an ability to transformer from human to werewolf
#10325501 Nov 24, 2014 at 01:05 PM
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1.night elf
2.monk,druid,mage,rouge,hunter,priest,warrior,death night
5.shadowmeld,wisp spirit,nature resistence,quickness,touch of elund
6.they were given eternity,teldressa was tinted in darkness,night elf druid (me) kept nature from within the emerald dream :).
8.their wisp spirit makes it quicker for them to find there body faster without dieing............yay :)
#10326322 Nov 24, 2014 at 04:37 PM
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1. Night Elf.
2. Monk, Druid, Mage, Rouge, Death Night, Hunter, Priest, Warrior.
3. Shadowglen, Teldrasill.
4. Yes, the name is Darnassus.
5. Shadowmeld, Wisp Spirit, Nature Resistance, Quickness, Touch of Elune.
6. They cultivated a peaceful, naturalistic existence along the slopes of Mount Hyjal under the leadership, and upheld the balance of nature from within the Emerald Dream. The night elves also had resolved to shun the practice of arcane magic because its reckless use had attracted the Legion to Azeroth.
7. Nightsaber.
8. That they can Slip into the shadows and wait for the right moment to strike in a second nature to the elusive night elves.
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1-night elf
2-mage,druid,munk,rouge,hunter,death knight,warrior,priest.:)
5-whisp spirit,shadow meld, quickness
6-they were givin internity,teldrassil was tainted by darkness,night elf druids helped to keep balance in nature within the
Emrald dream.
7-night stabber
8-i like how they have whisp spirit so if you die then you can get to youre body faster
#10329929 Nov 25, 2014 at 01:20 PM
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1. Dwarf
2. Priest, rogue,warrior,mage,hunter,warlock,shaman,palidin,mink,death knight
3. Gnomeregan instance
4. Ironforce
5. Stoneform, gun specialization, frost resistance, explorer, mace specialization
6. (1. All rival back to Ironforge (2. They locked down the city (3. Dwarfs want to know about their enchanted past.
7. Ram
8. They are short and awesome
#10329938 Nov 25, 2014 at 01:24 PM
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2.preist,rouge,warrior,mage,hunter,warlock,shawman,palidin,monk,death night
3.gnomeregan instance
5.stoneform,gun specialization,frost resistance,explorer,mace specialization
6.all rival clans back in iron forge. they lock down the city. they want to know about there enchanted passed
8.they are short and and have good armor
#10329941 Nov 25, 2014 at 01:24 PM
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1-night elf
2-mage,druid,munk,rouge,hunter,deth knight,warrior,priest.
5-whisp spirit,shadow meld, quickness
6-The ancient and reclusive night elves have played a pivotal role in shaping Azeroth’s fate
8-They look cool because they have big ears.
#10333782 Nov 26, 2014 at 11:35 AM
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1) night elf
2)monk , druid ,mage ,rouge , death knight ,hunter ,priest ,warrior
5)shadow meld , whisp spirit , nature residence ,quickness, touch of elune
6)they help keep the balance of nature
7)night stabber
8)they look cool because they have big ears
#10335272 Nov 26, 2014 at 07:52 PM
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1. I want to be priest and I want to do jewelcrafting
2. All alliance
3.Those who have not purchased the expansion are able to use items created by Jewelcrafting,Proficient and skilled healers are highly valued,he goal of a shadow priest is to keep a series of spells with unique cooldowns and durations going constantly.
4. Intellect, Spirit, Mastery Rating, Critical Strike Rating, Haste Rating
5.Make cloth and armor
6.To make cloth and armor
8.Daggers and one handed maces
10.healing shied so I can be invisible