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[quote_post13508418 user=2509702]Bravely means to be confident and confident means to be sure about your decision but you can still have fear when doing something brave. Fearless is when you are not scared of something. The brave person in my life is my mom. And yes, my mom is fearless. As I said a brave person is someone who dose something that is scary but still dose it but a cowered is someone who is scared of something and doesn't do it. [/quote_post13508418

I agree to all of that because I feel like that is all true and that is also the same thing that I rote.
#13556216 Dec 05, 2017 at 02:03 PM
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#13519962 AbbieL wrote:

Bravery is when there is something scary and instead of backing out you do it and have fun.
I think Haley Bishop is very brave because when she gets bucked off of her horse she dose not give up she gets back on!
A coward is a person who is scared of a lot of thing and a brave person is some one who not scared of anything.

I agree because I know Haley and she is a very brave person.